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Empowering Vaccination Efforts in Canada: The Critical Role of Reliable Syringes and Needles

Vaccination has been a cornerstone of public health, offering protection against numerous infectious diseases. In Canada, the success of vaccination campaigns is a testament to the country's commitment to public health. Domrex Pharma has proudly supplied syringes, needles, and other essential medical devices, contributing to these efforts. As we broaden our scope to include private, industrial sectors, and the US market, our dedication to enhancing vaccination campaigns is stronger than ever.

The Importance of Vaccination in Canada

Canada's vaccination coverage rates are a key indicator of public health success. For instance, among adults 18 years of age and older, immunization coverage for routine vaccines in recent assessments varied widely, with 87% for measles and 18% for HPV vaccines¹. Additionally, the influenza vaccination coverage was reported at 43% for the 2022-2023 season². These rates reflect the collective effort to safeguard communities against preventable diseases. 

The Role of Syringes and Needles in Vaccination Success

The choice of syringes and needles is crucial for the effectiveness of vaccination programs. Precision and reliability in these tools ensure that vaccines are administered safely and effectively. According to Who guideline on the use of safety-engineered syringes for intramuscular, intradermal and subcutaneous injections in health care., a study by the World Health Organization, high-quality syringes and needles can significantly reduce the risk of infections and complications during vaccinations³.

Our DOMREX™ products are designed to meet these needs, offering features such as low dead space syringes that minimize vaccine wastage and safety mechanism that protect the healthcare professional and the patient. By supplying these high-quality tools, we contribute to the efficiency and success of vaccination campaigns across Canada and beyond.

Supporting Data and Insights

The demand for syringes and needles has surged, especially in light of global vaccination efforts against COVID-19. Data from Health Canada shows that Canada has ordered 286.9 million syringes of varying sizes to accommodate a range of requirements in the administration of vaccines for covid period, highlighting the critical role of these devices in large-scale vaccination initiatives.

Moreover, the introduction of new vaccines and ongoing vaccination programs for other diseases continue to underscore the importance of reliable medical devices. As the evolution of vaccination technologies and the increasing complexity of administering vaccines make the choice of syringes and needles more crucial than ever.


As Canada's vaccination efforts evolve, the demand for high-quality medical devices remains at the forefront of public health priorities. Domrex Pharma is committed to meeting this demand, ensuring that healthcare professionals have access to the best tools for vaccination. By prioritizing quality and reliability, we aim to support the ongoing fight against infectious diseases, contributing to a healthier future for all.

For more detailed information on our products and how they support vaccination efforts, visit our dedicated category.






³Who guideline on the use of safety-engineered syringes for intramuscular, intradermal and subcutaneous injections in health care.”


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